When wanting to travel, airfare tends to be one of the most costly parts of the trip. We all know that if your flight is too expensive, you simply will not travel.

There are some killer deals every day on airlines that you can find if you know how. Below are some tips to help you find those deals.

  1. The supposed “Tricks” do not work: it’s not cheaper to buy your ticket on a Tuesday, for instance. Each airline will use information that includes major events, weather, demand, time of year, and more to determine their prices.
  2. Try to be flexible with the dates and times of travel: If you try to fly when everyone else is, you will pay more for your ticket. When you are flexible, there are many more budget-friendly options available for you to choose from. Also, it is generally cheaper to fly if you book the middle of the week rather than the weekend. Moving your flight forward or back one day can mean hundreds of dollars saved in your pockets!
  3. Have a flexible destination: even if you can’t be flexible on when you are traveling, you should be flexible on where you are flying to. This can open up the entire world to you if you aren’t picky as to where you want to travel.
  4. Book your flight with a budget carrier: many budget carriers now fly overseas, so you are no longer stuck with the bigger companies. In fact, you can fly almost anywhere in the world these days on a budget airline. You may receive fewer perks using these airlines, but you can make up for that in the dollars saved! As a side note, be careful to watch for added fees regardless of which airline you fly on.
  5. Check other routes to your destination: generally, you will find cheaper flights if you make a stop or two on the way. If you use this trick, be sure you allow at least 3 hours between your connections so you won’t miss your next flight.
  6. Use a variety of search engines: many of the popular search engines will not list budget airlines. Momondo is a great one to start with, though, and is a favorite of avid travelers.
  7. Book your flight early: you can generally find the best rates around six to eight weeks before your travel. Never wait until the last minute to book if you want to save money!

Hopefully, this advice will help you find the best airline deals for your travels. That way, you can save money and travel to any destination your heart desires.

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