Wild music, swaying feet, hip-hop dance, flowing beverages, and loads of foods are the hallmarks of the Destin Florida Spring Break 2019. They are in stark contrast to the serene and peaceful city environment. The Gulf of Mexico gently washes the beaches, while the long and dense lines of trees provide shade and shelter on the beachside. The city is known for the waterfalls, parks, resorts, and natural wildlife. You can enjoy your stay to the maximum as long as you are here with your spring break celebrating friends.


Destin Florida People and Weather  

The first thing that attracts you to Destin is the friendliness of its people. They love to extend the best hospitality with a warm and open heart. That makes your stay and travel safe and secure. The weather is moderately warm with occasional rainfall during the spring break seasons. But they are not heavy to disturb your schedules and fun.

Settling Down

The first task is to settle down in spacious accommodation with plenty of rooms and amenities. You can find the best of them on the city outskirts. You may opt for a hotel, resort, or a motel depending on your convenience and budget. If you are on a tour package, the organizer will take care of arranging the accommodation and food.

Destin Spring Break

After a taking a well-deserved rest, you are ready to start your spring break 2019 at Destin. You may schedule depending on the itinerary given by the organizer. If you have come as a grip with no organizer, the best places to start are the beaches.

There are tons of beaches in the city of Destin with the world-class facilities and amenities. Top rated among them are the Destin, Miramar, Henderson, Crystal Sands, and the White Decker. Of course, the Gulf Coast and the Gulf Islands beaches are also worth your visit.

The next best thing you can explore in Destin is its nightlife. The large lounges are the spots where you can get the most exciting experience. Destin is perhaps the only Spring Break destination which has piano bars. The artists for this show come from all over Florida and the USA. It is here that you get to enjoy the best of country music from the 70’s to the 2019’s best artists. You are welcome to join the show on the dance floors with your best friends.  The piano bars are also the best places for you to make new friends from all over America and elsewhere.


Your next destination will be exploring the adventurous and entertaining tourist spots all over the City of Destin and its surroundings. A visit to the wildlife spots will be great if you happen to be a nature lover. Lifestylez is the agency to book when it comes to planning your college spring break trip. 

Crystal Sands Beach

The Crystal Sands beach is the place where you can spend your time in the own beach umbrellas with heartwarming cocktails, delicious foods, and plenty of tannings on the warm and crystal sands. The depth of calmness around the beach will be a great soothing force, while the gentle sound of the waves will give you a delightful experience.

The bluish-green water of the Gulf of Mexico is the best destination for kayak, surfing, and sailing.  You can go on long sailing through the safe zones within a range of two to three hundred meters from the coat along the beach. Make sure you have won the safety swimsuits and are accompanied by the trained guide. The guides can also take you to the best spots from where you can watch the dolphins and the sharks safely.

Lunch on the Crystal Sands beach is an enthralling experience. Seafood, Sushi, meat and vegetable salads give you the most delicious experience. The Emerald coast local chefs are expert in preparing plenty of cuisines from eggs, crabs, shellfish, tuna, and the Pie recipes.

Beverages on the Crystal Sands beach are the rum punch, Margarita, Pina Coladas, and the vast range of beer and wile flavors. Of course, there are also plenty of fruit punches, lemonade, Coffee and tea available on the beach. The best cocktail is the coconut-water punch with the rum, Margarita, and the vodka. It is rated as the best when you combine it with the crab or the shellfish cuisines.

Spring Break Concerts on the beach of Crystal sands is a great experience for the teens and the youth like you. The wildest events you can come across on this beach are the Bonfire and the rock concerts.

The spring box concert stage is a lively and electrifying experience where your feet automatically start jumping on the spring embedded soft ground. The musician with the guitar will accompany you while singing, jumping and dancing.

You may visit any other the beach in Destin from the Miramar to the Gulf Island. Everywhere you can experience a uniquely different flavor of the drink, dance, dine, and dwelling on the golden sands.

Water sports on these beaches include kayak, snorkel, diving, fishing, and wind-sailing. There are many licensed water-sports experts on the beaches. It is a safe practice for you to take their guidance while being engaged in adventure activities.

Destin Nightlife

Fort Walton Beach is a top location you can visit to enjoy your Spring break 2019 nightlife in Destin. All the roads that lead from Henderson Park towards the beaches and outskirts of the city are filled with hundreds of pubs, bars, and the dance clubs.

Hip-Hop nightclubs are among the top rated locations to enjoy your nightlife in Destin. Apart from the enthralling dance floors, you can experience hot sauces, sausages, seafood, wine, scotch, and the cocktails of Margarita.

Oyster Bars are the places where you can get to eat the hundreds of recipes made only from the oysters. Of course, they are also the places to get the best quality beer and wine.

Nightlife shopping is best at the Harbor-walk village, Shores shopping center, and the plenty of shopping malls within the city and the surroundings.