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Oahu Beach Hazards: Theft and Oahu's Beaches

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Have you ever noticed broken glass in the parking areas of Oahu's beaches? This is due to visitors locking their cars to prevent theft and thieves breaking the windows to see what goodies are inside. Residents of Hawaii tend not to lock their cars at secluded beaches for just this reason.

Car break-ins and theft are common in beach parking areas of Hawaii. Thieves that operate in these areas are quite good. They can be in and out of your car, including the trunk, and be gone in mere minutes! You may want to consider leaving your car doors unlocked, taking anything of value with you, or leaving it at your hotel or condo. Leaving your car doors unlocked may lessen the chances of having the windows on your borrowed car broken.

Here are a few other suggestions to prevent you from losing something of value on your vacation:

If you must take your wallet, checkbook, etc. with you to the beach, consider getting a waterproof fanny pack.

Tie your keys to your swimsuit.

Bring a disposable, underwater camera. They are durable, and the quality of photos is quite good these days.

Don't leave anything you value unattended on the beach.

The best suggestion is to leave anything of value at your hotel or condo!

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