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Fun driving tips for the island of Molokai,
Driving Laws

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Why hurry? It's an island!
USE SEAT BELTS – It’s The Law: USE SEAT BELTS. IT’S THE LAW: This law applies to all occupants of the car, not just the driver. The police are actively enforcing this law and you will be issued a ticket if you or your passengers are not wearing them.  Child safety seats or booster seats are required for children weighing less than 50 pounds.
SPEEDING The maximum speed limit on Molokai is 45 mph. Remember… You’re on vacation, so… slow down… take it easy… relax… you’ll get there… there’s plenty of time.
WATCH FOR MONGOOSE These small, brown, weasel-like animals like to dart out in front of vehicles.
WATCH FOR DEER When driving at night, watch for wild Axis Deer.
DRIVE WITHOUT STRESS Remember… you’re on vacation.
BE CONSIDERATE The ’Aloha Spirit’… need we say more?
PASSING The first question you have to ask yourself… do I really trust this rental car?... second… is this really going to save me more than 1 minute?
DRIVING IN THE MOUNTAINS Going down that is…  Use a lower gear. If you use your brakes too much, they can overheat and slip or fail completely.
RIGHT ON RED Right turn on a red light is permitted unless otherwise marked.
GETTING AROUND The highway runs across the island from east to west with a couple of roads that branch off for short distances.
LOST?... or just don’t know exactly where you are?
First… you’re on an island.  Second… don’t read a map while driving.
WATCH THE ROAD Inevitably someone in the car is going to scream out… Oooooh, look at that!...  Please remember you’re driving and it would be best to pull off to view the sites.
USE YOUR HEADLIGHTS It’s just a good idea to turn on your headlights when:  Dusk to Dawn… on mountain roads… raining or fog.

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